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Who We Are

Visionary Private Equity(VPE) was founded by Gerald Lacey II.  Gerald is a high frequency specialist and has been an angel investor for 20 years.  His prior experiences in providing strategies for growth and scalability of brands, products, individuals and mid-sized corporations positioned him to push forward and elevate in the financial industry.  Collaborating with like minded investors and high level business people created the team that leads VPE Funds into success time and time again. 

Visionary Private Equity partners with entrepreneurs and managers, investing in and growing lower middle-market companies. Visionary Private Equity is set to reach 250 Million in committed capital across its second, third and fourth institutional funds, and its principals have been investing together for nearly a decade.

We consult and provide businesses and personal solutions for individuals and companies to assist  them in capitalizing on today's market trends.

Visionary Private Equity is The Exclusive Diamond in your Life Journey.  We center your investment strategy around your long and short term "WHY?".  Join the family and scale your life.  It's time to ELEVATE.

Our Existience

Visionary Private Equity maintains a strong conviction that investments forged from relationships developed through specific regions. We realize that proximity can be a key to success in the lower middle-market. Our system applies this regional orientation across our sectors of expertise in consumer and value-added distribution, business services and manufacturing.

Real Estate  

Through our offices in the Southeast and West Coast, Visionary Private Equity has built an extensive network of business owners and advisors, as well as trusted, local intermediaries to assist in
 identifying new investment opportunities. Visionary Private Equity provides companies with the
 strategic and economic resources of a global organization, while remaining an
 approachable firm with a stout regional presence. 

What We Look For

By partnering with Visionary Private Equity , you will be provided with the wide range of the company’s powerful network along with all its knowledge. We put confidence in staying united throughout the company, by applying fresh financial routes and investments we can assist our investors in reaching their desired results.  We want to help you build wealth that you can apply towards future generations.

Value-Added Partner 

Visionary Private Equity seeks to bring unique and effective operating resources to its partnerships with management teams. We have a heavy focus on our main tools:

 ● Unique African, South American and Asian Capabilities 
● Visionary Private Equity Data & Digital 
● M&A Execution 
● Our Operating Executive Group 

Visionary Private Equity’s approach has been validated through our executive experience for over a decade — we have a strong track record of investing in and growing businesses, having completed over 50 investments with a total transaction value of nearly $20 Million. We are gratified that our performance has earned us the support of some of the industry’s most visionary limited partners.

How We Invest : Investment Criteria 

Transaction Size and Scope Visionary Private Equity typically invests equity capital in market-leading, lower to lower middle-market manufacturing, business services, consumer or value-added distribution companies with the following characteristics: 

● $1 million to $30 million in revenue 
● EBITDA greater than $500,000 
● Markets leaders in the industry served 
â—Ź Solid fit with the Visionary Private Equity value-
    add vision kit

Additionally, Visionary Private Equity seeks add-on acquisitions for our portfolio (where the financial metrics above may not be relevant).

Investment Situations Visionary Private Equity targets opportunities to make investments in situations that arise from: 

● Recapitalizations of closely-held or family-owned       companies that provide liquidity to the sellers        
   while allowing for continuing ownership

 ● Management-led buyouts of private companies

 ● Companies that need significant capital to fund       
   internal growth or growth from add-on    

We are particularly focused on situations where we are the first outside equity capital in a growing business. Our team comprises experienced and practical professionals. With years of experience in the lower and lower middle-market, we understand and appreciate the importance to business owners of a transaction process that is transparent, efficient and timely — and conducted with the highest levels of integrity. We know that a transaction is a very important milestone in a company’s history, and we treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Unique African, South American and Asian Capabilities 

Creating Value through Cross-Border Strategies In 2017, Visionary Private Equity identified the opportunity to create value for U.S. middle market companies by enabling execution of Global-related strategies and therefore established an office in Ghana, Honduras and Shanghai. Today, we remain one of only a few U.S. lower middle-market private equity firms with a Global presence. Our offices are a core element of our operational capabilities — our Globally-based professionals work with our portfolio company management teams to globalize revenue streams and drive margin enhancement initiatives. Large multinational companies recognized the opportunity for globalization years ago and had the management and financial resources to capture that opportunity. It is our strong belief that leaders of mid-sized businesses have these same opportunities, but many lack the resources to execute the right strategy. By Visionary Private Equity helping to identify these opportunities and providing the capital and expertise needed to execute cross-border strategies, we can invest in and accelerate the growth of mid-sized businesses.

Visionary Private Equity Data & Digital 

Leveraging More Than Debt, We Leverage Data This effort grew organically as we continually saw lower-middle market companies with significant opportunities to better utilize data and technology to manage and modernize the business. Similar to when we established our first Global office in 2019, these capabilities can have a dramatic impact, but the execution can be complex and a significant burden on management. We help reduce that burden. Illustrative areas of focus include e-commerce, data analytics, digital marketing, inventory and pricing optimization, ERP, CRM and cybersecurity.

M&A Execution 

Building Industry Leaders Throughout our history, we’ve been active in assisting management teams with acquisition strategies. More than half of our portfolio companies have or had active M&A programs. Geographic expansion, customer diversification, product extensions and management team additions are just some of the ways add-on acquisitions have benefited our portfolio companies.
We often support or lead the work associated with target identification, due diligence, capital arrangement and documentation, allowing the management teams to leverage our expertise to expedite the timing, while minimizing disruption to the core business. 

Operating Executive Group 

Seasoned Insights and Support Visionary Private Equity’s Operating Executive Group works closely with our portfolio businesses, acting as mentors to management teams by providing advice and assistance through various business cycles and challenges. The members of our Operating Executive Group average 10 years of operating, management and functional experience across a wide variety of industries within small and large companies. Members of Visionary Private Equity’s Operating Executive Group are involved with each company in various capacities from initial screening through exit — consulting with management teams to add value through a systematic approach to growth initiatives, operational improvements and add-on acquisitions. Our operating executives aren’t just big company visionaries — they’re visionaries from all walks of life with great skill sets as well as the experience and understanding to be effective in the lower and lower middle-market.

Four Basic Things​ Private Equity Investors Do:

â—Ź Raise money from limited partners (LPs) like pension funds, endowments, insurance companies and wealthy individuals
 ● Source, diligence and close transactions to acquire companies
 ● Work with the management teams of those portfolio companies to help them grow and improve
 ● Sell portfolio companies at the appropriate time (Visionary Private Equity’s average is after ~5 years) at a profit for the LPs 

Integrity Driven 

Visionary Private Equity has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and a group that "performs exactly as stated every single time." It is simple, but we have built our organization on the conviction that relationships are critical and effecting partnerships is more than just about the economics — it is about cooperation, reliability and a shared vision.

Long Track Record of Growing Middle Market Companies 

The longevity and depth of Visionary Private Equity's partners' experience in the lower-middle market give our portfolio companies access to a broad range of competitive and capital resources. Our portfolio companies have benefited from new customer relationships, diversified end markets and globalized revenue streams accessed through our extensive industry and operational resources and capabilities in Asia, African and South America. With over 10 years of experience as a partnership aimed at the lower middle-market, there aren’t many challenges we haven't seen before. 

Experienced Team 

The Visionary Private Equity investment team comprises ten investment professionals with over 100 combined years of successful investing experience in the lower and lower middle-market, with diverse backgrounds in finance, operations and consulting. Our Operating Executive Group members average 10 years of operating, management and functional experience across a wide variety of industries within small and large companies. 

Strategic and Economic Partnership 

Visionary Private Equity seeks to partner with capable management teams with whom we share a common vision and who wish to invest meaningfully alongside us. We view our mandate as bringing more than financial capital to the table — we want to be a true partner, employing a systematic and value-added approach to assist our companies in driving value by drawing from our proven vision kit of operational and industry resources, proprietary Asian capabilities, our Visionary Private Equity Data & Digital efforts and the execution of M&A strategies. 

Globalizing the Lower and Lower Middle Market

Visionary Private Equity works with management teams to globalize revenue streams and drive cost-saving initiatives through our Asian strategies. Visionary Private Equity has assisted more than half of our portfolio companies in selling products and services into Asia for domestic consumption, or sourcing components more cost-effectively and establishing Asian operations where appropriate.  

It’s About Growing With Fellow Visionaries, Not Just Capitalizing.

The Visionary Private Equity team has chosen to retain its focus on smaller companies over the years because it’s a passion place for our founders and we seek to see growth and maximize. There is no better feeling than working with a management team to help a business reach its full potential. The close partnerships we have formed over the years with our management partners are our proudest achievements. 
 Visionary Private Equity is structured so that we all win as unit. We all get the championship ring, we celebrate as a family and create financial independence." States Gerald Lacey II  

Visionary Private Equity provides constant opportunities for generational elevation. We turn passions into plans and plans into action. Invest & Grow with us.


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